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Classic Toonami videos Remastered in high quality by metroidman7 and SlimD716.

About Toonami Remastered

Our goal is to collect as much old footage of Toonami, Cartoon Network and various other networks as possible and restore them in higher quality 
for a better viewing experience. This is done by locating all of the clips used in the original videos and replacing them with high quality clips from DVD and/or Blu-ray.
For the parts of videos that can't be replaced such as shots of TOM or the Absolution, we use software to clean the footage.

Have something we can use?

If you'd like to be a part of the project, you can. If you have any recordings that you think we can use, let us know and we'll see if we can use it.
Preferably we'd like the footage to be mpg or vob but we'll take any file types. Those that send us videos to use are a huge help and we appreciate it greatly. 
Anything that we use that's sent to us, we'll be sure to credit for providing the original source.


Is there a specific video or videos you'd like to see remastered? We're always taking requests so feel free to request anything from old Toonami, Cartoon Network, 
Adult Swim or other networks like Fox Kids, Kids WB and more. We'll let you know if it's something we can do.

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Check out these other channels for more
TOONAMI and CARTOON NETWORK related content!

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Latest Downloads

gw character gif.gif

Toonami - Gundam Wing Character

Promos (Heero, Trowa, Wufei)

Toonami Games Plus Lost Data Blog Toonami Bridge Wallpaper.jpg
lineup tom 1 gif.gif

Toonami - TOM 1 Summer 1999 Lineup

Promos 1 & 2

Space (TOM 3) 2.png


DBZ Kid Buu Saga Intro

Space (TOM 3) 2.png


Hot Wheels World Race Intro

Space (TOM 3) 2.png


G.I. Joe Spy Troops Promo & Intro


CN Groovies - El Kabong Rides Again &

Mars Forever


Cartoon Network

Anger Management

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